Christmas Light Hero!

I am definitely one that loves to look at Christmas lights.  I’ve never had a great display at my house – not sure why.  You’d figure that with my love of messing around with technical things I’d have my own lighting controller by now.  Oh well.  Guess I just have to enjoy the work of others.

Here is one of the great ones – especially if you like guitar hero.  Check it out!

Turn off the TV!

Ok, maybe not turn it off completely.  But how about using Internet based services instead of paying so much money to your cable or satellite provider?

Here is a great article in the NY Times with some details on how to really turn off your cable subscription.  Only real problem is trying to watch the Jet game without my FIOS subscription.  I’m searching for an answer – let me know if you have any ideas.


I just finished reading a book titled Happier. It is a New York Times Bestseller, written by Tal Ben-Shahar.  He is one of Harvard’s most popular lecturers, with his classes attended by over 1,400 students per semester.

The book is a good guide to thinking about happiness and what we can do to become happier.  Once you read the book you’ll think that many of the ideas are obvious, but we really don’t think about them often.  Getting a reminder to be more grateful and to think about what really, really gives us pleasure is really valuable.

There are a number of exercises throughout the book to help drive home the important points.  I hope to try some of these exercises and see if they are helpful.

Overall a good read, and a quick one, so I certainly recommend this book to others.