A New Business Gets Started

Carmella came up with a really great idea, and together we’ve put it into action and we have started our own business.  Its called BestTownDeals.com. You can read all about the idea in a great article at one of our local, online only newspapers, Patch.com.

The basic idea is that most small, local businesses do not have a good way to let people know about the sales and discounts that are available to their local customers.  Businesses typically advertise in traditional print media, but in today’s online world these advertisements don’t hit their intended target.  People want to go online and search for things.  Some businesses do have their own websites, but very few even put their deals on their own site!

Carmella came up with the idea to put these local sales online so people can easily find them.  She realized that the only real way to get the deal information today is to visit the store!  Most stores post their sales in their windows, or on a sign outside.  Not a great way to reach their customers, who are searching via their computer at home or are using their smartphone while on the go.

We currently are working with many businesses to get their deals online.  They are enthusiastic and are already seeing the benefits.

Take a look at the site yourself at BestTownDeals.com