Queen of Spades (2016)

01/22/23 by Antonina

It’s Russian thriller about opera singers preparing for a performance of the Queen of Spades

Link to the movie (perhaps there are other/better ways to watch it, Michal, please help):


The Queen of Spades is commonly associated with three things:

Pushkin’s short story, The Queen of Spades
Tchaikovsky’s opera, The Queen of Spades
British film based on the Pushkin’s story.
There is also a sexual association which is inappropriate here.

I recommend to view the information in the links below, I think it would make the experience of watching and understanding this film richer.


Opera: Synopsis: The Queen of Spades https://www.metopera.org/discover/synopses/the-queen-of-spades/

Page to Opera Stage: Pushkin’s Tragicomedy & Tchaikovsky’s Melodrama in ‘The Queen of Spades’

1949 thriller The Queen of Spades with Anton Walbrook (The Red Shoes) will be released on digital platforms on January 23.


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